Ashigara embroidery

Kikuaki Ueda Work collection

"Kinu no Mai"

This work collection has been chosen from 40 masterpieces from his long activities(25years) This is the first work collection.

A4・48pages(40 masterpieces)
price:$25.00 (plus shipping cost)

You can buy this in the Hirai bookstore in Odawara City.

Ashigara embroidery Kikuaki Ueda 7

━ Please give some message to your students and anyone who wants to learn Ashigara embroidery now.
Fundamentally, someone who likes it a lot and has a lot of time to do it.
I can't teach you how to dye thread and design in the class so you have to study by yourself.
I can teach you only 10 percent of embroidery in my class, so basically you have to study the other 90 percent by yourself.
But this is different from the story of my successor, a person who likes embroidery can only improve a technic gradually sewing something you like in 4 or 5 years.
━ I think you have had big support from your wife for your creating and living.
Yes I have.
Every thing is because of my wife’s support .I can do my work now and people know me as a artist.
I made her life hard but I want to say thank you to her.
We’ve been together for 55 or 56 years and it has been really hard all the way, but my wife endured and followed me all the way and she gave me much advice. She says to me that I’m very lucky that I’m doing the work that I really love.
So I really appreciate her.
August, 2008

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